Judd doesn't distinguish between genres or boundaries in music. "I try to draw from everything I've ever heard, whether that be Elizabeth Cotton, Jerry Garcia, or Metallica. Sly and the Family Stone, Nick Drake--I don't care where it comes from, as long as it lends to what I'm hearing and what I'm putting out there."

Judd's love for music began at an early age and it is essentially who he is as a person, and how he experiences the world.

Judd studied jazz and composition at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and developed a strong appreciation for the art of jazz. "Jazz harmony is a system that works for me and has worked for millions of musicians around the world. I try to take that knowledge, and incorporate it into my songwriting. I think that makes my songs different, because you don't get the run-of-the-mill 'block chords and that's it' type songs that you hear all the time. These songs can be beautiful, no doubt, but I have tried to push that envelope in songwriting and harmony. Lately, I've been getting simpler with harmonic approach and more complex with form. I'm still evolving as a writer, thank God."

Judd grew up listening to rock, metal, and rap, like a lot of East coast kids in the 80's and 90's. "That's all in the music as well, along with Cotton Picking ala Elizabeth Cotton and Mississippi John Hurt. In my 20's, I began a profound appreciation for the blues, and began to incorporate blues and folk finger picking so I could play by myself and not need a band behind me."

Judd plays solo quite a bit, and is also a collaborator who has had his own band, along with being a sideman. "I do a little bit of everything so I can be useful." Judd is an experienced singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer, and has recorded many of his own self-released albums, often times covering a lot of the instruments himself. He played bass and drums in The Pasties and appeared in the movie "Kurt Cobain About a Son", and has opened shows solo for Lights and Javier Colon. "I also just love to jam and used to be a regular at Sea Monster Lounge, and played for years with fantastic Seattle jazz, funk, and rock musicians like Jason Grey (Polyrhythmics), Brad Gibson, Ty Bailie (Katy Perry), and Michael Musburger (Posies, Fastbacks).

Judd is a music lifer and always seeking the next opportunity. He is now getting focused on honing his own album through building a Kickstarter campaign. "I have received so much feedback and clearly the music is affecting people in ways I don't even know about. If I can help people, and change people through music, that is the ultimate goal. The older I get, the more I realize that I am subservient to the people who want to hear and who love music."


Photo: Galen Andrus



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