Judd is a singer-songwriter and composer based in Seattle, WA, originally born in NYC and raised in Connecticut. Solo, he is a one-man band. With a band, he is a band leader, collaborator, and session musician and singer. Judd’s songs are soulful, folky, with a country bend, and often played finger-style on acoustic guitar. On electric guitar, Judd is innovative, and adept at improvisation across country, blues, and jazz. Judd’s formal music education started at a young age. In middle school and high school, the inevitable garage bands began, and Judd played talent shows, local dances, and eventually, a bar or two while underage.

Once out in Washington for college at age 18, Judd quickly formed his own band in Olympia after playing guitar in the echo chamber night after night by himself for endless hours at the Evergreen State College. Judd played every local bar and festival he could, with his band Oly Way Out. Eventually, some friends let him play bass and sing, and eventually produce their record. This band was The Pasties. The Pasties endured some mild success, landing a spot in the film “Kurt Cobain About A Son” that debuted at The Toronto Film Festival. Judd helped out with some audio recording on the film, as well as appearing in it.

Eventually, after spinning his wheels for years in Olympia, Judd decided to go to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle to get his music degree and continue to learn as much as he could about music. At Cornish, Judd did everything he could-wrote for string quartet, performed in jazz and blues band, and much much more.

After Cornish, Judd continued to perform in various bands and solo. His solo career really started to take off thanks to Ed Beeson and Gigs4U, as well as Dan Steinberg and Square Peg (now Emporium Presents). Judd landed opening slots for some pretty well-known artists, and was exposed to thousands of new fans and people through Gigs4U Seatac airport music program. (Judd was the first musician to perform at SeaTac).

These days, Judd finds himself with a new album of acoustic originals, called “For You.” Right now, Judd is working with his own band again, currently nameless (if you have any ideas…). Judd currently also sings with the band Great American Trainwreck, and is an active collaborator.