Judd was born in New York City and grew up in a small town in Connecticut. At age 18, he set sail for the west coast, where he attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. After years of playing in bands and taking whatever jobs he could, Judd moved up to Seattle, where he attended Cornish College of the Arts and earned his bachelor of music degree. Judd formed his own band, joined others' bands, and embarked on a busy solo career.

The highlight of Judd's time in Olympia was landing a small part with his band The Pasties in a documentary film about Kurt Cobain called "Kurt Cobain About A Son" that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, and eventually was picked up by Netflix. Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie and Steve Fisk provided the soundtrack for the film, along with small live audio contributions from Judd.

At Cornish, Judd studied songwriting with Linda Waterfall, who became a big influence on Judd. Judd also explored every musical avenue he could, including playing in jazz, blues, and Gamelan ensembles, writing for chamber ensemble and string quartets, and forming his own band, later called Forget Me Nots. Forget Me Nots was active for a few years in the Seattle club scene, and toured the West Coast down to San Diego, and as far East as Minnesota.

Eventually Forget Me Nots disbanded, and Judd began to take his solo career more seriously, eventually landing opening slots for Lights (Canada), Javier Colon (The Voice winner, season 1), and many more. A bit before this, Judd was getting his feet wet as a session musician with some of Seattle's guarded elite musicians, including Mark Pickerel (Screaming Trees, Truly), Andrew McKaeg (Presidents of the United States of America), and collaborating and recording quite a bit with Ty Bailie, who would eventually go on to join Katy Perry's band in Los Angeles. It was shortly after this that Judd got the call from Allen Stone's band to join them on early dates down the west coast, but unfortunately, the timing didn't quite work out, and Judd passed on the opportunity. Fortunately, shortly after this, Judd got a break opening theater dates for Lights, a major act from Canada.

All the while, Judd was recording and not releasing albums on his own. He eventually had a stock pile of roughly ten albums of original material. With the emergence of websites like Bandcamp, Judd finally began releasing these albums, as slowly as he could, so as not to inundate anyone who might be listening to them. As of this writing, Judd is finally planning a "real" release, after leg work to book studio time, get funding, and getting all of the players and pieces in order.



Photo: Galen Andrus



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